USATF-CT Hosts Racewalking Championship

2015 CT Association 10,000m Championship Sunday Nov 1, 10:00 a.m.
Peter’s Recreational Complex, Clinton, CT.

Overcast, 53 degrees
We appreciate our judges Debbie (Chief) and Shawn Frederick, who came from NY, Jean Tenan and Ron Daniel.
Thanks to our lap counters, John Palmer, Ed Vaitones, Barbra Gill-Vayo and Adam Raimondi, and to Geoff Bye for registration!
Thank you Bob Gemske for bringing the clock it helps feel official!

USATF-CT welcomed athletes from MA, NY and NH. Nice to see the young ladies, Lucy and Val continue on in the sport and it was very impressive to see Lauren (who came to do the 1 mile fun walk and was talked into going 6x farther) finish strong prevailing over Ginger who was dealing with an injury.
Complete Results
10,000m CT Association Championship, Clinton CT 11/1/2015
1 57:26.1 Ed O’Rourke 54 New Eng Walkers Groton, MA 1st Open/Masters
2 59:51.3 Bill Vayo 51 Park Walkers White Plains, NY 2nd Open/Masters
3 1:12:24.7 Charlie Mansback 71 New Eng Walkers Waban, MA 3rd Open/Masters

1 1:12:27.4 Valentina Vaitones 19 New Eng Walkers Derry, NH 1st Jr/Open
2 1:13:32.3 Lucy Vayo 14 Park Walkers White Plains NY 2nd Jr/Open
3 1:15:22.8 Lauren Gemske 30 CTRW Milford, CT 1st CT Champ, 3rd Open
4 1:16:42.5 Ginger Armstrong Palmer 53 CTRW Canterbury, CT 1st Masters, 2nd CT, 4th Open

DQ Denise Hambrick