CT Delegates Attend Annual Meeting in Columbus

USATF Connecticut was well represented at the USATF National Annual meeting from November 28th to December 3rd.   Representing Connecticut were Bob Fontaine, Kristina Miner, Bonnie Edmonson, Yvonne Grimes, Ron Daniel, Morgan Kennedy, Major Ruth, and Bill Mongovan.  Our Association once again demonstrated that they are leaders among the 57 Associations across the United States.

Top Associations

  1. $ 3,500 New York
  2. $ 3,000 Connecticut
  3. $ 2,500 Pacific
  4. $ 2,000 New England
  5. $ 1,500 Montana
  6. $ 1,250 Pacific NW
  7. $ 875 Southern California
  8. $ 875 Adirondack
  9. $ 875 Virginia
  10. $ 875 Ozark

Top Associations (target 10)

  • Must be Fully Accredited last two years, exception for representation and no

outstanding grievances older than 60 days

  • Individual Membership shows an increase in year over year
  • Clubs show an increase or same in year over year
  • Sanctions increase or same in year over year
  • Regional Rep and Accreditations Evaluators impressions

In addition to Connecticut being ranked 2nd, Bill Mongovan received the Frank Sevigne Youth Athletics Award at the Annual Awards Breakfast.  This award recognized Bill for his many years of service dedicated to Youth Athletics on a National and local Level.

Connecticut also received $3,520 in grant monies in support of our member’s only race concept and for the purchase of equipment.

Details of what transpired at the Annual meeting can be found at usatf.org under the Events dropdown.  Click on Annual Meeting and then proceed to the Document Library.