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Youth Indoor Track Meet:
Due to the storm and the need for High Schools to reschedule their meets, we lost our date for Sunday 2/1.

We have moved the meet to 2/22, still at the Hillhouse Facility. Registration will be open until 2/18
Please check here and Facebook for updates.
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The meeting was called to order at 7:20pm

In attendance:  Bob Fontaine, Bob Gemske, Yvonne Grimes, Joyce Baiardi, Will Graustein, Marc Davis, , Brent Stratton, Jim Barber,  Brian Williams, Darrelll Brown, Major Ruth,  Sasha Benjamin and Marvis Brown.

Minutes- Motion to accept the minutes was proposed by Jim Barber and seconded by Bob Gemske.


President- Bob Fontaine discussed that we need someone to be in charge of awards at our outdoor meet. Major Ruth and his group offered to oversee medal distribution.

Membership- Jim Barber reported that we have 1,240 members.

Treasurer- Bob Gemske reported that we presently have $65,973 in our two accounts.


LDR- Will Graustein reported that the Road Race Grand Prix will continue it’s season with the 4mi. Delany Dash in Old Saybrook on 5/29, the Branford 5 miler on 6/20 and the Trail Championship in Barkhampstead on 7/31. There was an LDR meeting on 4/28. All clubs are current on payments for races. They are presently trying to recruit convention attendees.

Youth- no report

Officials- Yvonne Grimes announced that she will close our separate officials account and combine it with our USATF/CT account.

Master’s- no report

Race walking- no report.

Sanctions- Bob Fontaine reported for Alan McDougal that we have 55 sanctions so far. This is about the same as this time last year.

Web Master- Brian Williams stated that he has added 3 new pages to our website to improve communication to USATF/ He will monitor it.

AAU- Major Ruth stated they were looking into more ways to get exposure for the AAU.


Bob Fontaine stated that USATF/CT will not be involved with the Bethel HS track project.



Outdoor meet – On 6/20 our open/master’s meet will be held in conjunction with our JO meet. There will be only on line registration; no day of. Pre- registration will be $20. We will try to set up an option for JO’s to pay and register via Bob will contact them tomorrow..


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm


The next meeting will be Sept. 8, 2010 at SCSU


Submitted by- Joyce Baiardi



Sanction Forms and Information
Alan MacDougall
(203) 932-7054
90 Pine Orchard Road
Branford , CT 06405

Youth Club Reminder
Coaches and volunteers of youth clubs required to have a background check performed each membership year.

Membership and Age Verification
 Club and Individual membership as well as Age Verification questions should be directed to:
James Barber
 USATF-CT Membership
 Southern CT State University
 Wintergreen Bldg 108F
501 Crescent Street
 New Haven , CT 06515
Phone: 203-392-6811
Fax: 203-392-6508
Robert Fontaine
226 Guilds Hollow Rd.
Bethlehem, CT 06751

See complete list of officers Website
Questions or Comments
Brian Williams