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September 12, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

In Attendance: Bob Fontaine, Joyce Baiardi, Jim Barber, Bob Gemske ,Ron Daniel, Will Graustein and Peter Hawley.


President- Bob Fontaine reported that national has announced that no association has any less revenue than any other year because of increased membership fees. Membership is expected to be down by7%. National is trying to help more than they used to before the increase. We have received a marketing kit with USATF logo items for use at our races and meets.

Bob also reminded us that our Oct. meeting will be our elections and annual meeting.

Membership- Jim Barber reported that we have 1239 members right now.

Treasurer- Mark Young by memo reported that our savings account has $22,505.02 and our checking account has $4,812.30.


Race walking- Ron Daniel reported that a 10K championship will take place Nov. 4th in Clinton at the Peters Recreational Complex Track. There will be open and masters divisions. You may call Ron himself or Maryann Daniel for more info at 860-669-2440.

Will Graustein stated that the 5th of the Road Race Grand Prix will take place on Sept. 30th with the Hogback half marathon. On Sept. 3rd the 20K Championship took place with the New Haven Road Race. There was some controversy with one of the runners that is being looked into by race director John Bysiewicz. The runner was not a USATF member and some discussion followed on possible consequences for us. Will also distributed info for invitations to bid on the 2008-2009 road race season. Questions and bids can be sent to him at

The USATF/CT trail championship had a record attendance in Aug.

The cross country Grand Prix is ready to start. For the first time we will offer a mountain championship on Oct. 20th at Ski Sundown in New Hartford.

Jim Barber added that there will be a youth cross country meet on Nov. 3rd at Edgewood Park.

Bob Fontaine said that Dave Driscoll will again direct the JO cross country championship.


Membership fees- Bob Fontaine led some discussion on increased fees. It was decided to charge a small fee of $2 for the JO CC championship.

Background Screening- Ron Daniel stated he is having trouble communicating with national over method of payment for the screening. He will try to persevere.

Prize money- Bill Mongovan via memo moved to cancel prize money for teams at our indoor and outdoor meets. Peter Hawley moved to modify that suggestion in that we try the idea for 1 year and then reevaluate. This was unanimously passed.

Lawsuit- Bob Fontaine stated that he was told the athlete claim at our outdoor meet from a few years ago was being adjusted and a new revision applied. There will be a refile by a new attorney.


Budget- Bob Fontaine distributed a proposed budget for next year. It will be dicussed at our October meeting.

Convention- Bob stated that in Oct. he will discuss who is going and possible reimbursement.

Meeting was adjourned a 9pm.

The next meeting will be October 10th at 7pm.


Sanction Forms and Information
Alan MacDougall
(203) 932-7054
90 Pine Orchard Road
Branford , CT 06405

Youth Club Reminder
Coaches and volunteers of youth clubs required to have a background check performed each membership year.

Membership and Age Verification
 Club and Individual membership as well as Age Verification questions should be directed to:
James Barber
 USATF-CT Membership
 Southern CT State University
 Wintergreen Bldg 108F
501 Crescent Street
 New Haven , CT 06515
Phone: 203-392-6811
Fax: 203-392-6508
Robert Fontaine
226 Guilds Hollow Rd.
Bethlehem, CT 06751

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Questions or Comments
Brian Williams