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On March 11th, 2007  there will be a USATF Development Javelin School from Noon to 4pm at A L Johnson HS in Clark, NJ.  This is a prototype event in an effort to pass along proven training and technical information that has produced international champions and record holders.  The Javelin School will be taught by Jeff Gorski, USATF Javelin Development chairman and coach of many top HS and US Olympic javelin throwers.  Jeff had a HS best of over 213' while at Johnson and has coached at HS, college and elite levels with great success.  This is a great chance for coaches and athletes to learn from one of the best and really maximise their training and results for this season and the future.
Clinic fee is only $20.00 and includes all instruction, a booklet of drills, training ideas and technical information and a DVD of important technical and training programs. 
You can register in advance by mailing the enclosed form back to Jeff or register at the door on the clinic date.  Feel free to bring camcorders to record all the topics covered at the clinic and pass this information/email along to any/all HS and college coaches and athletes.This is a great chance to dramatically improve our javelin results at the "grass roots" level and turn the US into the world's best javelin source!
Jeff Gorski Bio:
1973 All State; best of 213' 4"3 time All ACC & School Record at UNC at 243'7"2 Time finalist at USA Championship
Tom Pukstys- US record at 285', 2X Olympian, 3X World Top 10
Lynda Lipson- US record at 195', 2X Olympian
Brian Kollar- US HS record at 231', HS Penn Relays champion, 5X US Top 10, 2X US Olympic Trials top 5,2X HS and 3X college All American
Leigh Smith- 2X HS and 2X college All American, HS Penn Relays Champion, 3X US Top 10, Top 3 US Olympic Trials, 220' HS best
Catherine Betz-  3X Louisiana state champion; 155' HS best
Sherrie MacKinney- NCAA All American, ACC record of 174', 3X US Top 10, Penn Relays Champion
Sean Murray- 3X NCAA All American; ACC record 240', Penn Relays Champion
Author of many training and technique articles in Track Coach and Long & Strong Throwers Journal and "Complete Book of the Throws" and several training videos; key speaker at 1984 and 1996 Olympic Games coaches symposiums.
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Mail this form along with the $20.00 Clinic fee (check payable to "Klub Keihas") to:
Jeff Gorski
1130 Highway 54 West
Chapel Hill, NC  27516
(919) 260-8324