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Meeting: November 8, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM

Attendance: Bob Fontaine, Peter Hawley, Bob Gemske, Dave Driscoll, Deb Petruzzello, Brad Overturf, Jim Barber, Ron Daniels, Rick Hammer

  1. Approval of Minutes from October 2017

Motion to accept by Jim Barber, 2nd by Bob Gemske, motion passed.

  1. Reports
    1. President

Nothing to report

  1. Treasurer

Current account is $51,726. Bob Gemske states it is harder to track what is coming into the account from Stripe deposits, as there is no explanation accompanying them.

  1. Membership – 2957 as of 11/08/17 vs 2872 on 11/7/2016

We receive $10 per youth and $13.75 per adult

  1. Standing Committees
    1. Officials

Yvonne is holding an officials training the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

  1. Sanctions

National is charging a late for Sanctions, and we are looking to establish whether this cost is being passed along to the race, especially in the case of Grand Prix race. Question of whether we are invoicing all late fees. Bob Gemske has not received a check in three months but we have seen two late fees assigned this month. Checks have come in with inconsistent amounts and from varying accounts. Gemske is going to reconcile these with Alan and National Office and will have an answer for February. There is also some confusion about whether a course is certified or sanctioned and what that means – Kent Pumpkin Run was cited as an example, as the course was certified but not sanctioned.

  • Website

Patrick is dedicating more time to keeping the website up-to-date, and has implemented SEO strategies which have gotten the website to the first page of search results so far.

  1. Masters Track and Field

There was a budget item

  1. Open and Masters LDR

Picked 8 races for the ’18-’19 Grand Prix. 5 of the 8 have already paid, remainder are expected by February. Cross Country Grand Prix is beginning this upcoming weekend, and a team will be selected to be sent to the National Race. All four races for this are USATF Sanctioned. Bob Fontaine was disheartened that Litchfield was not selected in the upcoming Grand Prix, and possibly consider Litchfield for the cup race.

  1. Race Walk

Sunday the 10KM and 5KM championships were held. There was good overall turnout but only 3 attendees from CT. There was a newcomers 1,600M which was contested by only one athlete. A youth athlete had a 50s PR and qualified for the Penn Relays. The weather was good for the event. Ron would like to attract more CT athletes to it. Judges came from NYAC and Long Island, and Ron Daniels, which satisfied drawing people from the region.  There is a need for more skilled people to observe the race and record each lap time, as this is needed for any racewalking event in which there is potential for a record.

  • Mountain, Ultra, Trail

The final MUT race took place at the Bimbler’s Bluff 50K and the Mohegan Striders won the MUT series.

  • Old Business
    1. Budget 2017-2018

Bob Fontaine has compiled all Membership income reports from National and the total is $28,325.00. A line was added for MUT. Grants and sponsorships are currently unknown, but the other figures are projected from last year’s figures. There is a budget number of $18,720 for the LDR Grand Prix, but paying out all positions would result in $20,160. Brad Overturf moved that we keep it at $18,720, 2nd by Deb Petruzzello, motion passed. The members-only race is budgeted for $1,500 and Bob Fontaine has applied for a grant for $1,500. Bob Fontaine has begun noting the different components of competitions (Site/Personnel/Officials/Timing/Etc) in budget line items. A motion was made by Jim Barber to compensate the 3 officials who came to the racewalking clinic from NYAC and Long Island. Deb Petruzzello was 2nd, motion passed.

Motion to accept the budget with changes to the MUT revenue by Jim Barber, Deb Petruzzello 2nd, motion passed.

  1. Junior Olympic Cross Country at White Memorial Litchfield November 12

Is currently up 30 registered runners over this time next year.

  1. Potential for hosting Regional Junior Olympic T&F

Yale is interested in hosting more events, and may be interested in hosting the Regional JO T&F.

  1. New Business
    1. Indoor Youth and Open/Masters February 4th, Hosted at Hill House.

This is a snow day make up for the state meet as well.

Next meeting will be: Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Motion to adjourn: Ron Daniels, Peter Hawley 2nd, motion passed.


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