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USATF Connecticut

USATF Connecticut
Meeting November 14, 2018

Attendance: Bob Fontaine, Bob Gemske, Dave Driscoll, Brad Overturf, Jim Barber, Morgan Kennedy, Rick Hammer, Ron Daniels, Peter Hawley

  1. Approval of Minutes from October 2018

Motion to approve Minutes from October by Jim Barber, second by Morgan Kennedy, passed unanimously.

  1. Reports
  • President  

Don Lawrence has left National Office.

  • Treasurer

We are pending sanction checks – currently we are $19,256 + the incoming sanction checks, which have come in but are not deposited yet. It is anticipated that reserves will be above $20,000 once deposited and may exceed $30,000 before the annual meeting expenses become due.

    • Budget Approval 2018-2019

No members only race, Race walking is going to be on $500, not other major changes.

Motion to approve budget as presented by Jim Barber, second by Ron Daniels, passed unanimously.

  • Membership – 3067 as of 11/14 Last year was 2957 as of 11/8

This is amongst the highest it has been. Jim Barber says it is partially due to spending the time with parents, as 2/3rds of the membership is 18 and under. Adding to this, there is greater youth participation in clubs.

A broadcast email is credited, in part, as it has a wide audience for XC invites and championships.

University of Hartford is reaching out to all youth coaches about an upcoming program they are organizing. That may also be a promising approach.

This boils down to putting up a tent and putting out a flyer for coaches at state championships. Rick Hammer suggested offering a shirt for those registering then.

  • Standing Committees


Official’s meeting November 25 at Wesleyan from 2:00 – 5:00

The Officials’ Meeting is from 2:00-4:00 for previous attendees, 2:00-5:00 for new attendees. There is discussion about making sure to include Race Walking in the meeting, as it is not currently a scheduled item.


There is nothing to report – Alan has been on top of this.


Patrick posted the results from the JO meet the same day they were sent to him. He has been very responsive and should be sent the content which people would like to have posted.

Masters Track and Field

Deb is going to develop a Masters Newsletter for issuance by email and maybe online.

Open & Masters LDR

Road Grand Prix is finished at this point.

Race Walk

Held the Championship Race Walk on Oct 28th. Was won by Sam Allen from NJ. There were two athletes from CT who competed. This time of the year it is a difficult event to fit in to the schedule and participation suffered. However, participation in the past has been greater with more advocacy. Summer is also cited as a potential race timing.

Another issue was that there has been a degradation of officials capable of judging, and they have had to actively recruit for the training events.

Mountain, Ultra, Trail

Trail Grand Prix is finished, the XC is ongoing. There will be a meeting with the clubs for next year’s efforts to establish what the goals are going to be.

Connecticut Cup Race

We are doing a lot of races and the question came up of whether this serves the clubs well and whether a fewer would better serve them, or they can better cater to their tastes.

There is also a lot of interest amongst parents in a youth training club for running. Currently Chad Johnson is having a significant amount of success with a youth club in the eastern CT region.

  1. Old Business
  • Junior Olympic Cross Country at White Memorial Litchfield November 11. Successful meet with 312 entries. Entry fees totaled $2472 and after expenses we should net $600.00
        • New Record: 15-16 Girls  Sophie Curcuo, New Canaan  5000m 19:13

The event was a success, and logistically it went smoothly. Dave reports that part of the success is due to having help in the parking lots and other areas as it takes care of smaller details that contribute to delays.

  • Annual Meeting/Convention Delegates
    • Fontaine – Associations and Association Workshop
    • Grimes – Officials
    • M. Daniel – Race Walking Committee
    • R. Daniel – Race Walk Rep
    • Benjamin – Women’s LDR and Masters LDR
    • Ruth – Youth and Men’s Track and Field
    • Mongovan – Youth
    • Hammer – Men’s LDR and MUT and XC Council
    • Barber – Women’s Track and Field & Master’s Track and Field

      New Business
  • Indoor Youth and Open/Masters February 10th at Floyd Little New Haven

Will likely run the setup with Open/Masters going earlier in the day and the youth events going later in the day, as it resulted in fewer complaints. This event is locked in, and Major has reserved the site. Jim has recommended a broadcast of save the date email, and Bob Fontaine has suggested it be sent to Pat for distribution.

  • Youth training program

Question about the training which youth athletes have attended in the past: what will the selection criteria be? At this point, discussion is to resume in February, with the intent being that we need a better methodology.

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