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The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm

In attendance:  Bob Fontaine, , Peter Hawley, Ray Lapinski,  Jim Barber, Yvonne Grimes, Joyce Baiardi, Morgan Kennedy,  Kristina Miner,  Rick Hammer, Bob Murdock,  Ken Platt, Gary Moore, Garfield White and Dave Driscoll.

Minutes from the Oct. meeting – Move to accept as written proposed by Ray Lapinski and seconded by Dave Driscoll.


President- Bob Fontaine reported that our association was chosen as one of the top 15 in the country. Recognition and award will be presented at the convention. Delegates to the convention are being asked to submit brief reports from their committee meetings.

Treasurer- Bob Fontaine for Bob Gemske reported that our accounts have $66,289.

Membership-  Jim Barber stated that we have 2930 members. This is higher than this time last year.


Officials-  Yvonne Grimes stated that this will be a recertification year. Background checks will be included. 12/4 there will be a group class for anyone interested. We have 127 officials in the state.

Sanctions- no report

Website- Bob Fontaine reported that there have been complaints that our website has been difficult to navigate. USATF/CT is not the first listing when googled. Short discussion followed with possible improvements.

Master’s T&F-Bob Fontaine for Deb Petruzzello reported that she is looking into facilities for master’s events. Also she is holding a CHSCA T&F clinic on 11/19/16. Direct questions to her at petruzzellod@mpsct.org

LDR-  Kristina Miner stated that the LDR committee would like to be the body to select the CT Cup each year. At their next meeting, 12/7, they would choose the 2017 and 2018 cup races. The board voted unanimously in favor of this. Kristina also proposed that prize money be increased to include first 5 women finishers as it is first 5 for men. Motion to do this was proposed by Jim Barber and seconded by Yvonne Grimes. The board unanimously accepted this.

Master’s LDR- no report

Racewalk- Bob Fontaine for Maryanne Daniel stated that the CT Championship 10K race was held. There was a disappointing low turnout. Ron Daniel is running for racewalk chair. Discussion followed regarding RW promotion.

Mountain/Ultra- Morgan Kennedy reported that USATF/CT Trail Running Championship was Bimbler’s Bluff 50K. The committee wants to increase to 4-5 races next year. They are looking for sponsors for the events.


JO.s- November 13th will be the Cross Country championship in Litchfield. Info on our website.

USATF TV- Jim Barber proposed looking into subscriptions for youth regional or national competitiors vs. subsidizing their entry fees as a way for recognition. More discussion at our next meeting.

Association survey- Bob and Morgan developed a 12 question survey. It will be sent to all members soon.

Regional JOs- There was a request that we consider hosting the 2018 or19 regional JOs. There would be about 1500 athletes attending. Gary Moore suggested charging admission for spectators. This would have to looked into with national. A facility fee was obtained from New Britain’s track. Bob and Gary will put together a skeleton plan by our April meeting.


USATF/CT marketing and sponsorship- Kristina, Patrick and Morgan developed a plan for 7 sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. The above 3 plus Ray Lapinski will be the subcommittee for us. A motion to allow the group to enter into agreements was proposed by Kristina and seconded by Peter Hawley. This was passed unanimously. More to follow.

Indoor USATF/CT meet will be 2/5/17 at the field house at Hillhouse HS.

USATF/CT association goals- Bob presented a list of possible goals for us. More discussion at the next meeting.

Youth clinics- Bob for Major Ruth said he would like to have youth clinics with the associations help. More at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm
Next meeting-  2/8/17.
Location- TBA
Submitted by- Joyce Baiardi

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