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USATF Connecticut

Meeting May 9, 2018


Attendance: Bob Fontaine, Bob Gemske, Dave Driscoll, Deb Petruzzello, Brad Overturf, Morgan Kennedy, Rick Hammer, Peter Hawley, Chris Rosenberg, Patrick Byrne

I.                   Approval of Minutes from April 11, 2018

This was unresolved initially as we did not have a quorum at the beginning of the meeting.

  1. Reports
  • President – Bob is considering resigning in light of the pressure from National Office, and the potential liability in the process of compliance. USATF Nat. has sent contradictory information to event directors in the process of sanctioning events. This is consistent with a moving goal post for our association’s accreditation. Currently, major events are pulling out of USATF or cancelling entirely due to these policies. Bob says he will most likely remain on until the end of
  • Treasurer – $21,110 currently. We received $2,884 this month from USATF. Biggest expense was $1,800 for youth camp. Outstanding expenses: Indoor facility for our meet and Major’s Annual Meeting expenses – Bob G expects this to be about $3,500. Some sanction checks have come in from Allen recently, but he needs to be depositing them more quickly.
  • Membership – 1862 as of today (last year 1795).
  • Standing Committees
    • Officials – There are a lot of requests for officials. Lots of use of USATF Officials specifically for meets. There was a call from the Attorneys that Wesleyan refuses to drop the suit but that we had nothing to do with that meet. Bob will likely recommend officials do not work Wesleyan meets as it is possible to open themselves to liability by officiating an event outside of their training.
    • Sanctions – Nothing to report
    • Website – It works. No negative press
    • Masters – Event on the 21st seems like it is good to go at Manchester. Nearly all items used for the event are available to use. May need some details such as hammer throw vectors to ensure it is set up properly.
    • Open/Masters LDR – Rose City race is set to go. Amby Burfoot has agreed to attend. Will be held on July 7th. Peter sent out a survey to which some respondents didn’t like the last minute nature of the appointment of the race as the CT Cup race as well.
    • Race Walk – Nothing reported
    • Mountain, Ultra, Trail – First race at Finally Spring 5K went well, with good turnout. Kettletown Race, the T2T 20K is full but they are going to accept USATF club members who would like to race. Flanders race was offered as an option for next year’s series.

III.             Old Business

  • Outdoor Open/Masters Championship – July 21st – Manchester. 18yrs old an up is the ages allowed to compete.
  • JO Association Meet June 16th – Litchfield – Volunteers need to be safe sported. Background check from being Safe Sport is different from other types of background checks, the only exceptions to being safe sported is made for the police and emergency personnel.
  • USATF Youth Cross Country Camp
    • Safe Sport – The idea of contracting it out to a 3rd party to make this feasible is suggested, but it may not distance us from it enough for a separation of liability.
    • Members only grant – resolved, race will go on.

IV.             New Business

  • Manchester’s track series has asked for receive a $1000 grant towards the operation of the summer series. In this instance of this year, USATF will reimburse up to $1000 in expenses which the series submits.
    • Peter made the motion to approve this, Brad seconded, passed unanimously.

Peter moved the meeting be adjourned, Deb seconded, passed unanimously.

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