Age Verification Process

USATF Junior Olympic Membership and Age Verification

To compete at the Connecticut Association Junior Olympic Track & Field Championship on June 16, 2018you must be a member of USATF and your age must be verified.

To become a member, go to—Services/Individual-Memberships.aspx

If you have not already verified your age, you must submit a copy of your Certificate of Birth, Passport, etc. to Connecticut Membership Chairperson James Barber before midnight June 11th. Scan the document and email to Mr. Barber at

You can also mail the copy to:

Mr. James Barber
Southern Connecticut State University
SCSU Alumni House
131 Farnham Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

Age verification must be complete before you can register on  If you are already a member, you can view your profile on the USATF membership site to determine your age verification status.