Age Verification Process

USATF Junior Olympic Membership and Age Verification

To compete at most USATF championships you must pre-register.  To pre-register you must be a current member of USATF and your age must be verified..

To become a member, go to—Services/Individual-Memberships.aspx

If you have not already verified your age, you must submit a copy of your Certificate of Birth, Passport, etc. to Connecticut Membership Chairperson James Barber. Scan the document and email to Mr. Barber at

You can also mail the copy to:

Mr. James Barber
Southern Connecticut State University
SCSU Alumni House
131 Farnham Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

Age verification must be complete before you can register on  If you are already a member, you can view your profile on the USATF membership site to determine your age verification status.